Hello!  I am on a mission to lose weight and save money.  I have read many diet books and followed many programs, so I know that the two often are mutually exclusive.  Sample diet meals usually  include exotic ingredients and expect dieters to cook fancy meals every night.  There are rarely diet plans that feature leftovers or cheap ingredients.  Most people working, going to school or raising kids don’t have time to whip up expensive meals from scratch every day, especially for breakfast!  My goal is to follow a diet and stick to a budget, without subsisting on beans and rice.

I am currently on the South Beach diet, which has its pluses and minuses.  I am in Phase II of the diet.  The first phase lasts two weeks and consists of nothing but meats, some low-fat dairy and vegetables, which meant my cereal spent a couple weeks growing stale.  I am not for any diet that begins with throwing out all of your food.  What a waste of money!  However, on Phase I of South Beach, I did use up some freezer items I forgot I had.  I do think South Beach is more expensive than my normal diet, so I will be posting ways I find to save money while losing weight on this diet, and and how to save money on healthy eating generally.


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