What’s for Breakfast?

I just choked down a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, made with oats from the big red can (not the packaged kind) and sweetened a little with splenda. It tasted a little like glue; the consistency resembled a second grade craft project gone awry. I know oats are very good for me, with as many healthy benefits as the oatmeal can claims, and they are on the current South Beach diet food list. That doesn’t make me like my breakfast choice. I wonder what in our psychology makes us crave junk food rather than healthy food. Is it a survival mechanism? I know studies have shown sugar placed on the tongues of babies can alleviate pain. Maybe our nerve receptors are screaming for sugar. Maybe it is the lure of the forbidden, the desire of something we can’t have. Maybe it is simply that junk food tastes better since it is created with ingredients and chemicals designed to make us eat it in large quantities. Whatever it is, I would rather have had a heaping plateful of pancakes with butter and maple syrup than my oatmeal. This is the quandry for all dieters: choosing what’s best over what you want.


4 responses to “What’s for Breakfast?

  1. iwantmysexyback

    Hello! I’m on the same weight loss/get fit journey. I eat oatmeal with wheat germ and berries and scrambled eggs for breakfast…very filling. I got the South Beach Diet book and the South Beach Diet cookbook. I didn’t follow the diet exactly, but I did take away a lot of knowledge about what food I used to eat. I’m not a carbs person myself so it wasn’t too hard to not have pancakes for breakfast. Desserts are my weakness and chips were at one time too. I put you on my blog roll and good luck! I’ll keep an eye on your blog lol!

    • timewastersalmanac

      Thanks for the comment! I have the South Beach Diet cookbook, too, but I haven’t used any of the recipes yet. Desserts are a struggle for me also. I have been eating a lot of sugar-free popsicles lately. Good luck on your journey!

  2. iwantmysexyback

    Check out my site for Jamie Eason’s carrot cake bars…they are pretty healthy!

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