Cookie Surprise

Yesterday after dinner, I felt like downing the entire chocolate bar I knew was hiding somewhere in the freezer. I was very close to carelessly tossing aside the peas, frozen chicken and decade-old pasta sauce to find it. Then, an intervention. I spotted the South Beach Diet cookbook and resolved to find a suitable dessert, since I had purchased an actual cooking staple, Whole Wheat Flour, a few days before. But after pouring over the diet book, I found nothing I both wanted and could make with the ingredients on hand. (This is a frequent problem with dieting; the books call for strange or expensive ingredients). I refused to run to the grocery store for ricotta cheese, and I had all but given up, until I spotted “The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book” on the counter. As luck would have it, I found a recipe that was very South Beach friendly, made with whole wheat flour and oats. I just substituted the white flour with wheat and the sugar and brown sugar with the Splenda versions. True, there were chocolate chips, but they are small, and chocolate is much better spread throughout high-fiber cookies than consumed hastily in large quantities standing in front of the freezer. The batter tasted fabulous. I congratulated myself on my cooking skills. Then the cookies came out of the oven, tasting like bread with an occasional hint of chocolate. The cookies are filling enough to be included in survival rations, and they would probably survive a helicopter drop. I’m still eating them, though, instead of chocolate bars. If you find any cheap, delicious South Beach desserts, let me know.


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